Oak Frame Technology


All of our oak framed structures are built using traditional methods of construction, including mortice and tenon joints using seasoned oak dowels or stainless steels plates and nails where necessary to avoid rusting.


We do not use CNC machines to produce our oak frames, instead we use hand held tools and power tools such as chain morticers, drills and circular saws. When completed, the oak frame is cleaned using oxalic acid to remove any tannin stains and water marks.

1st June 2015 129.JPG
1st June 2015 128.JPG


At Cheshire Oak Frame we believe that glazing really makes an oak frame amazing. Glazing is a fantastic way of making a room or space bright and airy.

Glass can be made into many shapes and sizes, from floor to ceiling or shaped to fit gables, it really does make the oak frame an outstanding feature. The glass can be double glazed or triple glazed, filled with argon gas and can be different thicknesses. Of course, the thicker the glass, the heavier it will be and therefore the oak frame will need to be manufactured accordingly to support the increased weight.


Standard thickness glass that we use is two 4mm panes of glass with a 20mm argon filled cavity.